Brain-Computer Interface Group

Guillermo Sahonero Alvarez

Lecturer and Researcher at CIDIMEC.

Sergio Samuel Flores Llanque

Research Intern and Undergraduate Student

Anna Isabel Montevilla Shupikova

Research Intern and Undergraduate Student

Associated researchers who contributed

  • Carlos Javier Gutierrez Sanjines
  • Luis Josmar Suarez
  • Mario Torrez

Know our work

In a few words:

  • Approach – By using different imagery platforms, we intend to extend BCI usability and learning easiness. For these, we are working on proposing different training procedures and extending signal interpretation frameworks using state-of-the-art algorithms based on Deep Learning.
  • Equipment – We use portable Emotiv EPOC+ EEG Headsets, NVIDIA 1070 GPUs, and MSP432P401R LaunchPad Texas Instruments devices.
  • Contributions – As part of our work, we have coded eeg.fem, a simple web suite to use with Emotiv EPOC+.
  • Future work – Our long-term goal is to develop real-time BCI systems that use different imagery platforms.

Want to join?

More hands are always welcomed. Please, send your brief CV – no more than 2 pages – to «cidimec@ ucb edu bo» (filling spaces with dots) and subject: “Brain Computer Interface interest”.

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