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Research Areas

Superior Engineering Development

Mechatronics devices' design. Electromechanical behavior of smart materials. Serious Games.

Robotics & Automation

Autonomous vehicles. ROS. Machine learning applications to robotics. Adaptive control algorithms, System identification.

Computer Science

Software-Hardware codesign. Computational processes acceleration. Reconfigurable Hardware.

Assistive Technologies

Brain-Computer Interfaces. Assistive technology for silent, blind and visually impaired people.

Flocking Model for Self-Organized Swarms

The algorithms of self-organized swarm control refer first to two basic behaviors, these are aggregation and flocking. The present work focuses its research on coordinated movement behavior that is defined…

Gait Recognition Based on Modified Gait Energy Image

Biometric systems allow us to identify individuals from distinctive biological traits. Gait recognition is a biometric technique used to recognize humans based on the style of their walk. However, model-free…
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